We will listen to some MLB spring training broadcasts and discuss what makes them sound good, what features we like about each announcer’s call. We will also look at various methods for keeping live stats.

I will demonstrate the technology that we will use.  We will practice a broadcast by calling a few innings of an MLB Spring Training game via MLB.tv.

The schedule for broadcasts will be determined.  We will discuss basics of contacting sources for stats, checking media sources for storylines and information, and arranging stats into a standard format to use in a broadcast.  We will again practice a broadcast with an MLB Spring Training game, this time focusing on keeping live stats during the broadcast.

In April and May, Row A Academy will meet once weekly to do game prep together.  Meetings will last only as long as necessary.  The number of games that students will broadcast is based on the funding available and the number of students interested.

Annually, I listen to hours and hours of play-by-play announcers from all over the country.  Subscription for audio is $3.99/month.  I recommend starting here.